Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One with the Crowd.

In a recent resurgence of blogging, I too feel the urge to follow the crowd. (Yeah, I'm a sheeple. Bite me.) Thus, I present "Things I worry about..."

...when I think about going away for Uni
  • Bad Showers
  • Lack of uber smokin' I-think-you-set-my-eyes-on-fire-hot guys.
  • Missing my violin
  • Not having enough Asian food.
  • Hating the weather
Things most people worry about for University
  • Tonnes of work
  • Not failing
  • Getting jobs
  • Practical stuff.
Discrepancy? I think so. It's possible that in fact, I don't really care about the school part of school. Why? Because I'm pretty sure school is the same everywhere. Sure, the professors might be better here than over there, or there's a ratio of 1:2.667 teachers per student or whatever it is that people judge quality of schooling by. But in the end, I'm 99% sure that it doesn't matter what school I went to because they all teach the same thing.

Now, this would be different if I wasn't going into engineering. But I am, so let's not get all hypothetical here. I applied to the exact same program which is going to get me the exact same degree at 5 different schools. The only thing different about the schools is their surroundings (and the innards of the buildings). While some schools lure you in with promises of school spirit and parties, others beckon with promises of warm weather and good food. But really, it's the downsides (or lack of) that make the decisions.

I'm not overtly worried about sharing rooms, I mean, if it gets too bad, I could always just request a new room(mate?). But the little things bother me.

For example, showers: People always say that you should wear flip flops into the shower. Footwear just doesn't make for a good shower though! Rubber flip flops always get that icky slimy feeling when wet, and wearing any other material just feels stupid. Who the hell wears leather flip flops to shower in? Nobody, that's who.
It sounds crazy now, but a good shower is key to staying sane. Living in a house with enough water pressure to clean your pores out, I'm setting a pretty high standard. As long as there is sufficient water coming out of the showerhead to rinse shampoo off my head, I think I'll be able to cope.

Also: My stuff. I have tonnes and tonnes of stuff. Where does it go? I'm not living at home, so there's not reason for my parents to hold onto my stuff. but I certainly can't take it with me, there simply isn't room. Perhaps this is the perfect time to nip my hoarding tendencies in the bud before I star on my own documentary on A&E. "Hoarders: The woman who hoards SPAM"

The answer to my problems?
Making a perfectly rational Pros and Cons list for each university. How perfectly logical of me.
...Until you realize stuff like "BIG" and "Jizz in Pants Chem Labs" have made it on to the lists. (But those are sort of valid points...)

Oh well.