Thursday, December 31, 2009

Noob Years!


I cannot express how happy the end of 2009 makes me. It's been an "interesting year" to say the least. Of course, there were good moments, but these were largely overshadowed by all the crap that's been raining out of the skies. For the last week, I've been rolling out of bed very very slowly, partially to avoid being hit by vertigo like a fish to the face, and partially because I feel like 2009 will not go away quietly. I plan to celebrate New Years eve cautiously. I'm quite glad I don't have to walk anywhere as I suspect I will be kidnapped by mustachioed men as the final huzzah of this shitstorm.

"Oh but surely you are exaggerating!"
Am I?!
I've had two concussions this year, the most recent of which (last week actually) is probably the root cause of my vertigo. Tilting my head is like being teleported from my comfortable home onto a boat. But not the good, fun kind of boat, no, much more like the itty bitty dinghy that is about to be flipped over by that approaching 10 foot wave. Fun stuff I tell you. The most reassuring part? There is nothing you can do about it.
Now, you've heard about my car accidents.
And last of all, my ankle tumour! Eagerly awaited post, I'm sure. Basically, it was a cyst that got infected, and had to be removed (Watch, if you dare!). The removal was pretty much the exact same as the video, if you added more "AUGH I CAN STILL FEEL THAT AND IT HURTS" and some blood and pus oozing out of it as I waited for someone to "pack it." Now, "packing" sounds innocent enough, but as it turns out, it really means that someone is shoving gauze into the hole until it's full. Ouch is an understatement.

Needless to say, I am hoping this run of bad luck will be over in 2010, and everything assoctiated with it will be resolved.

As for my resolutions, I resolve to be more optimistic. The good things that came out of this year would have to be my bitchin' trip to China, my awesome bartending skillorz, and all the fun I had this summer. I think I'll take the cliched road and resolve to be healthier, it couldn't hurt, right?

But now: To go bartend an asian party, and then to go out downtown and (carefully) celebrate the end of the year. Let's hope I don't get hit by lightning!


  1. How's your New Year going? Still alive?

  2. Alive, but no significant improvements yet, but no signs of it getting worse!