Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Well, Shit.

So. Today, I was driving and I got hit by another car. Now I am never going to be able to pay my insurance. FML


I was driving back from the grocery (Metro, if you will) and I was waiting to turn left. The way seemed clear, so I started turning. In my peripheral vision, I could see a car coming at what appeared to be an alarmingly fast speed considering the light had turned yellow some time ago. As my father says "watch out" it is pretty clear that no matter what I do, we're going to get hit by the car. (Though he argues that if I had stopped, we would have been fine. Maybe?) So, One large impact later, I'm sitting in a cloud of air-bag fumes.

Upon leaving the car, I can hear someone yelling. Turns out it's the woman in the other car, she had seat-belt injuries (as assessed by a doctor passerby). [Seat belt injuries would be caused by inertia, meaning that car was clearly moving very, very fast] and our car has leapt over the median and hit a car that was just waiting for the lights to change. The poor sucker. Anyway, police show up, firemen show up, lady gets carted off in the ambulance. The "main" police officer seems the most unsympathetic, luckily for me, he was writing the tickets. (Sarcasm. fyi)

So, after waiting and sitting in the tow truck, and waiting some more, the officer comes over to deliver the accident reports and also hands me a ticket for "Careless driving" (6 points, $300+ fine). My father cannot keep his mouth shut, and decides to argue with the (already looks like he has a chip on his shoulder, or possibly a stick up his ass) police officer, who only gets angry and frustrated at my dad. I am told that I can reduce the fine, and get all the points off if I go to court. My father on the other hand, is convinced we should fight all the charges, which would inevitably result in the police officer showing up at the trial, and pwning us for good; leaving me to never be able to drive again.

At home, the good ol' Pops is convinced that insurance will care about any charge, despite my insistance that it is most likely just the points they care about. So, now it is a lot of apologizing met with unconvincing "I'm just glad you're okay" and trying to see what the best way of dealing with this charge is.

Fucking cops. Hmph. Also: Dad, SHHHHH Listen to people.

And: How weird is it that I had a dream about getting my G2 last night? I got my G2, and then I was unable to drive to school because of a blizzard. Symbolic?! I think so.
It's also weird that everytime my family goes on a trip, something bad happens. When I was young, it used to be injuries, this year, it has to do with cars. (Detroit: Car was rear ended, PEI: I was hit by a car, Montreal: I crashed the car)


  1. Many times the cop doesn't show up for traffic court and the case gets dismissed...but sometimes they do show up and judges have a tendency to give their version of events a little more weight.

  2. Hmm, this happens a lot. Have you ever considered wearing bubblewrap every time you leave the house?

  3. D: I would if I wasn't worried about cutting myself on packing tape.

  4. Oh no :/ Having to go to court to reduce a fine that wasn't even your fault in the first place, is really NOT ideal, is it?

    And for your car to have leapt over the median further shows how fast she must've been driving. Maybe she'll get into the most trouble?

  5. :( sadly unlikely. Right of way goes to straight traffic, and you can't really prove how fast the other car was going (unless... I used some mad physics calculate :P)