Thursday, August 20, 2009

What goes "Vrooommmm HOLY SHIT"?

So I got hit by a car yesterday.

I was biking home from Nancy's after a day's worth of adventuring. While crossing the intersection of Lakeshore and Silverbirch (after I had decided which way would be easiest to get home by) I was struck by a car turning left. When I left the curb, the college-pro painters truck moved up, but it looked like the kind of thing drivers use to passive-aggressively suggest you should go faster. But, as the car continued heading towards me, and me not being able to move out of the way (I can't pedal that fast!) a collision was inevitable. Being hit by a car hurts less than one would think actually. Though immediately after impact, it does hurt quite a bit.

The damage isn't severe. Road rash all over, a fat lip, and some oozing cuts on my ankle and face. One of my teeth also took quite an impact, and I'm going to get it looked at today. Plus one broken bike (no pics of that though. The driver took it to get it fixed)

Interestingly enough, my cuts look grosser today than they did yesterday. So you get to enjoy the full disgusting extent of them. (The cuts on my ankle are from the gears of my bike. They're quite deep, and I think there's grease in there.) Unfortunately, I had cleaned the cuts right before I took these pictures, so you're missing out on the stuff that's oozing out of them.

Did I mention that I got a fat lip and road rash on my face?


  1. D'aww, I actually wanted to see the oozy stuff! Not.

    Fat lips are in!

  2. Ouch, that lookes like it hurt...when I was 8 or so, I managed to crash into a parked car with my bike, which is probably the hardest thing I've ever done.

    Nope, i didn't get to meet a girl called Lexy, then again, there were 314 people there, so yeah...