Monday, July 13, 2009

Me Love You Long Time.

It's way too long to describe everything I did in the last 12 days. So, I'll give some highlights! Unfortunately, I took less and less pictures as I was having more fun.

Beijing: The Great Wall.

There's really nothing quite like walking on the great wall and seeing all the mountains and hills. It was smoggy, but still gorgeous. The walk itself was actually insane. One section was on a 60 degree angle at least with stairs that went up one foot a step. But getting to the top was amazing because you could see everything. Thinking about being the builders who had to build the wall was just crazy, we had enough trouble just getting there, let alone building stuff.
I may have been complaining the whole way up and back, but it was a really great experience. Would do it again. Probably with the same amount of complaints.

Xi'an: The market

Sure, there's lots of history and stuff in Xi'an. But too much history at one time gets boring. The market though, is a real sight to see. People were everywhere! There were lots of souvenir stands, but there were also lots of stands selling the local food. Local food being food I used to eat as a small child that is. There were people selling traditional candy, and "small eats" (bad, bad literal translation). It's a shame we couldn't eat the food (concerns about explosive diarrhea and all that)

Shanghai: Partying

I'm not going to lie, Shanghai was good and all that, but the thing that sticks out most is going out. Armed with a fist full of bills, flanked by some friends and accompanied by Ben the professional partier, we went out to see the famous bar street. I can't say I remember everything that happened, but the stories I heard the next morning are absolutely hilarious. Apparently, upon returning from the club, I sat in a bath tub for a while, refusing to get out. After being dragged out, I thought it'd be a good idea to change, which explained why I was in a robe, naked. I also tried to escape (?!) a few times so Alex tried to tie me to the bed (?!?!) and then covered me in coathangers so I would wake her up when I moved. Waking up was one of the most confusing experiences I've ever had, and then I saw the adorable note Alex left.
"Gravol (for pukey) - with tablets of Gravol. Advil (for ouchie) - with some advil. Mints (for smelly)- with some mints"

Hong Kong- Shopping, the world's longest outdoor escalator, and more partying

The shopping in Hong Kong is a little less cheap, but really cool none the less. We walked down to "The Ladies Market" where I bought an awesome hat, and a really awesome pair of shoes and a dress and some shorts. It was made slightly more fun by the rain from an impending typhoon though. We'd dart from tent to tent as the rain stopped and started.

The world's longest outdoor escalator went straight through some of Hong Kong's coolest hang outs. There were art galleries filled with old and contemporary art, and little vintage stores, dress shops, bars and clubs and resturaunts and some apartments too. If I ever moved to Hong Kong, I'd try to move there. The elevator itself was pretty cool too, and took you from the bottom of a mountain straight to the peak.

Partying down in SoHo was definitely the most fun I've ever had. Hanging around the outside of a 7-11 we met some really funny guys living in Hong Kong who we talked with for a while. Later, we found the rest of our group, who found one of the guys that offered me a flyer walking down to SoHo earlier. Him and his friends helped us get into a club (me for free :D) where it was PACKED. We spent the rest of the night dancing away and had so much fun. Unfortunately, we had to fly the next morning, so we decided to leave at 2 am.

So, I had a lot of fun in China, and I definitely want to go back sometime. And if I ever get an offer to move out into Hong Kong, it will totally go into consideration.

Oh! and I forgot to mention that my lack of blogging was not because I didn't have interenet, but rather, blogger is blocked in China


  1. Sounds like you had a big old bucket of fun!

    Glad to have you back.

  2. You didn't go shopping in Shanghai?!

  3. hehe, oh I did. But nothing spectacular was won of that one.

  4. Welcome back, Shiying.

    You must have taken SOME pictures, right?

  5. Hey, I was one of the 7-11 guys :)