Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Life is Complete!

This weekend (or rather, Sunday and Monday) Regina and I went to Detroit to see the Offspring!

We did some other stuff too of course.

We embarked on an epic drive at around 9 in the morning. After driving through the border, and trying to explain to a customs lady who the Offspring were (?! "Hi I live under a rock") we arrived in downtown Detroit. Interestingly, there seems to be an excess of valets, and a total lack of Asians there. In our 2 days there, we spotted a total of 3 Asian people. And two of them were working together in an Asian shop.

We spent our morning/afternoon wandering around downtown Detroit with my dad's other child, the Nikon D300. Apparently, walking around with a large visible camera makes you a prime target for "Hey! Take a picture of me!". As a result, we have many pictures of total strangers/valets walking down streets, sitting in cars and whatever else it is that they were doing at the time. We also have many pictures of us being silly. But, here comes the exciting part.

Or, alternately, why we were in Detroit in the first place. After eating dinner at record speeds, Regina and I get dropped off at "Freedom Hill Amphitheater" (Doesn't it scream "AMERICA"?) where Time Again, the Dropkick Murphys and the Offspring are playing. We line up for merch, and after a while, I acquire another band shirt, one that I could actually wear, because it fits. We find our seats in the ampitheater (Who thought it would be a good idea to hold this show in a fully seated ampitheater?) and we watch Time Again play. They're all wearing matching outfits, and really good performers. But, since it's only 6 PM and everyone's seated, it's hard to get really into the music. But, a good show none the less.

After a break, a bagpiper appears, and everyone knows Dropkick Murphys are on. They play a totally awesome show. Who knew celtic folk music and punk made a good combination? Then again, there's also Norwegian folk metal, so I guess folk music is just a good side genre in general.
As they play, a slow trickle of people beging to pool infront of the stage. Yes, it appears that a pit has appeared between the chairs. It also appears that the security guards don't actually care about people staying in their seats.

Afterwards, Regina and I mosey closer to the stage. And by closer, I mean we walked straight to the stage, about 3 feet away. We wait for the long set up of the equiptment, because, clearly, headliners need all their own stuff pulled to the stage again. (I'm not complaining, as long as it's a good show). As the lights go down, and the Offspring appear, everyone goes crazy, and I go into a state of shock for a good 5 minutes. We take some pictures with my Crackberry, but then just decide to enjoy the show. After 2 hours of awesomeness, and being lurked by some creepy dudes (Seriously, even if we did look older for our age, we were so clearly underage.) t'was all over.

I'm pretty sure we smelled awful, but so totally worth it.

We shopped the day after, but a description of that would be a bore. Suffice to say, I have a new pair of awesome teal/blue converse!

And now, I must go back to pack for my trip to China!

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  1. You're going to China? Cool! (Don't eat the candy.)