Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vrrrroooommm Vrrrrrrr

What does Shiying want most right now?

What? Yes. I would like a crotch rocket. Or more specifically, a Ducati Monster 690/6whatevers

But Shiying! Why a motorcycle?
Because they are clearly the sexiest/most amazing/amusing things on the planet. Also, what is there not to love about a leather suit? Sure, they're marginally more dangerous than cars, but I'm also probably not going to try going 5000000 km/h on the highway. (Deserted road, maybe)

But why not one of the ______ motorcycles?
I am short. This bike is short.

How are you paying for this?
Like I know... I'll get a real job or something that regular people do.

Why are you asking and answering these as questions instead of just writing about it?
Because I can.

So, really. I would love a motorcycle right now. Though really, any short crotch rocket will do, this is just the most awesome one. Now to see what takes precedence over my future.. Magnetic climbing wall, motorcycle, car, awesome loft, pony, pony, pony....
I'm going to need lots and lots of monies..

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