Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Turn on Google safesearch already

Or: It's impossible to google "spanking" and expect academic results
Or: The debate over whether or not to spank is over. Deal with it already.

If it's already been scientifically proven that "spanking is bad for you". Ergo, there is no need for a debate, especially among a bunch of High school kids that don't like/want kids. And really, it's unfair to the poor suckers that has to try and argue for spanking.

"Oh yes, Oh yes. Hit your children!"

Personally, debates put me in a bad situation. As a person who has strong beliefs against holding strong beliefs, I find it hard to even want to argue about it at all. But, my opinion on this matter has been made for me (even though I don't think it's fair for anyone to try and tell someone they're raising their kids wrong.) Still, that doesn't stop me from wanting to point out that there is no set definition for "spanking" and therefore, many articles about research may all be referring to different things as "spanking" making it difficult to gain a general consensus other than "Don't spank. We think it's bad"

I'm going to whip out my arbitrary high school attitude right now and say that it is ridiculous to expect a stellar piece of workmanship from your students when there are 4.5 school days left until exams. Most kids are desperately cramming, calculating what kind of mark they need on the exam to bring up their average, or trying to alleviate stress by not attending school at all. Preparing for an all out debate with no prior warning is not in any of those activities, and therefore will not be scheduled anywhere.

But my real point: No one cares who spanks or doesn't spank their kids. Sure, we can all stand here and say "No suh, never gonna spank 'em. Nope." But in all reality, spanking at least once is more likely than never spanking your kids at all. Sure, I know that some people have never spanked their children, and I will applaud them for self control. The truth is, no one is ever going to admit that they spank/have considered spanking/will spank their children. Just like how no one ever says "Oh yes, I would have gone along with that" when questioned about how they would feel if they were in Nazi Germany.

Sure, I may have just lost due to Godwin's law, but it is the most appropriate analogy I could think of.

Enough procrastination, I have a debate to prepare for!


  1. If I have kids, I wouldn't refrain from telling the truth and saying that I spank my kids. It's probably the way I was brought up, but kids need discipline, damnit. There's a difference between that and abuse.

  2. LOL in grade 9, english with Bromley, she gave us this long lecture on how we 'MUST ALWAYS use google safesearch' because, in her own words, 'I was searching for a photograph of a rose, and as I opened the image search I was startled by the inappropraite images that came up. It was a loss of innocence experience" plus she was rocking back and forth the whole time. it was hilarious.

    that had nothing to do with your post srry.