Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Declare a Dance War

So, last night was the AP tour 2009!
If you remember, I posted waaay back in February about how excited I was for it, well it turns out that all that excitement was totally justified! (You'll have to excuse excessive use of the exclamation mark here)

The saga begins right after school. I am getting ready to go out, and such, I leave the house at 4:20, perfect time if I want to catch the 4:48 train, right? Well, theoretically, yes, but we will never know. I get a text from Jess informing that the train is in fact, at 4:38. This puts me into a bit of a pinch see, there is no way that I can get there in 18 minutes at a nice walking pace and still expect to have enough time to buy tickets and all that. So, I pick up a bit of a jog. Turns out, I'm not in the best of shape either. I decide to run every other block for the next 1.4 km or so. (Wimpy, I know. Hush you) While neurotically checking my time, I realize that I probably won't make the train, but that's not going to stop me, no suh. Turns out, I did miss the train, but only by a minute or so. Luckily, the freak train came directly after that, so we got on that one.

At the platform, we observe a shocking amount of scene kids. It is evident that these are the kids that will totally be at the show with us. Mmmm scene. At the EX, the train conductor announces "This is the Fall Out Boy concert, have fun ladies. (pause) Shake your booties."

[I am too lazy to detail what happened between here and arrival at the venue]

So we get there right when Rocket to the Moon is playing, and they sound pretty awesome I must say, but we get in on their second to last song. After they're done, Jess and I hit the merch, and get FF5 CDs and shirts (unfortunately "All Ugly People Put Your Hands Down" shirt was sold out) When we get back, Hit the lights is setting up. We squish out way to the middle, and as we start getting into the music, I look up, and Chapstique was playing guitar for them?! So they were good.. Anyways, most of the time was spent nodding along/lightly moshing/making jokes about the swine flu

After more squishing, we were wedged right into the middle, where the people turn into one giant blog, and it feels like you're getting violated in all the wrong places from all directions by the same people that you're probably violating. But that's all part of the experience, right? FF5 comes on, and everyone goes crazy! There's a dance/mosh pit, which was pretty fun, and all the jumping and stuff. It was ridiculously hot in there, but too awesome to leave. Xanadu in the corner doing his thing, Chapstique looking awesome and Soulglow+Fatty+crouton being well, awesome. Needless to say, Family Force 5 puts on the most awesome shows ever.

3OH!3 comes on afterwards, and everyone's throwing the crazy 3OH!3 signs in the air and such. Here, I'll just say that I don't know that many of their songs, but they're pretty good. Anyway, they put on an awesome show too! I think my favourite comment of their was "I in like with you"

The Maine comes on and truthfully, a lot of the random people that came for 3OH!3 had left, so there was definitely less people out there, but still a sizable crowd. This time, the crowd's looser, and I'm pretty sure everyone is fairly tired by now. They sounded pretty good, but we had to leave after 3 songs to catch the train.

Back on the train, the weird old lady kept giving me disapproving looks, I'm not sure why?

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