Saturday, May 2, 2009

Childhood enemies...

I was sort of an unpopular kid...

Of course, I actually don't remember the names of anyone from my childhood, mostly because I don't like them. But, I remember in particular a pair of identical twins. One of them thought my drawing skills were awesome, and the other one thought I was totally lame. So, it was always too confusing to figure out which one I could say "Hi" to without being shunned.

And of course, I had lots of other kids that picked on me, but that one was probably the most mind blowing. I did not have many friends... being the weird foreign kid and all. (not that I had friends when I wasn't the weird foreign kid..)

3rd grade: I had a huge falling out with my best friend at the time. I don't even remember what it was over, but it seemed like such a big deal back them. We both changed schools due to our families moving away at around the same time afterward, and we never kept in touch. She found me on Facebook recently, we turned out remarkably similar, except she likes Twilight.

Then, there are my crazy paternal Grandparents. They would quietly whisper to me about the dangers of leaving a door unlocked, and the murderers lurking around every corner causing most of my current paranoia. This was only made worse by my mother's addiction to "America's Most Wanted" at the time. As I get older, I hear more and more tales about the things my grandmother used to do because she thought it was good for me. ie, turning away all my friends that ever called me, or came to my door. Then again, she still does most of those things, without any explanation, ever.

I suppose you could say that my grandparents were a sort or enemy. The sneaky kind, that never lets you know that they are sabotaging your every move.

Makes me wonder about my dad's childhood a little.

p.s The other day, I found a bag of buns they had made a month a go stashed in a cupboard. I do not know what they did that for, but it got very, very moldy.

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  1. Wow, I was the exact opposite of you when I was little, but of course you already know that.
    Haha, your grandparents are funny.