Sunday, May 24, 2009

I can stop any time I want.

When you're falling asleep and all you can think about is tetris, you know you have a problem. Personally, I love tetris. If it wasn't for the imminent threat of carpal tunnel, I would play tetris all day. But there's other things I'd also do all day long. And so, here is a list of them, to appease the blogging gods.

1) Tetris (duh). I don't know why I like tetris so much, but I do.

2) Freecell. Or more specifically, winning at freecell. Currently I'm at 81 consecutive wins. (I need to get out more) Though, that number is partially achieved by cheating the system. For this, I can blame my parents. As a small child, they used to try and amuse me with freecell and minesweeper on our ghetto microsoft 19-something.

3) Sweetened Condensed Milk. I love the stuff, unfortunately it comes with enough sugar to melt your teeth on the spot.

4) Web Comics. First, it was just Cyanide and Happiness, common enough to not seem dorky I suppose. Then XKCD came along, and along with that came Questionable content, and Dinosaur comics, and... well. Let's just say, I spend a good amount of time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday checking the comics. (QC updates everyday. It's superb)

5) Caffarel Chocolate. Not just any chocolate it's italian. Okay, but really. This stuff is the best chocolate I've ever consumed (and I have eaten a lot of chocolate). The family first got some when we were returning from Italy. After some hardcore googling, my parents located a store in Windsor that sold it, so every so often, We aquire some more from my dad's friend in Windsor. (Currently muching through the millionth bag. Delicious.)

6) The internet. 'nuff said.


(Okay, I posted that because I remembered it as "Hopelessly addicted to you" But Pushing Daisies is awesome.)

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  1. 'The blogging gods'. That would be me, right? :P

    I can't play freecell. At all.