Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Dream house...

As I spend more and more time trying to blog about my dream house, I realize: Oh hell no. I don't want to diagram the crap in my head.

Instead, You will be entertained with a combination of filler, and rant (By "popular" demand)

The first order of business: My book has arrived! Of course, I'd say anyone that isn't Regina reading this blog will have no idea what I am talking about. So... The book in question is Overqualified By Joey Comeau, who also writes A Softer World, one of my favourite web comics. [Is it really a comic? maybe?]
So far, it's been a pretty interesting read. Very Joey styled, but a lot shorter than I thought it would be. (94 pages) The paper is awesome! I've been hearing that it was printed on really cool paper, but this is serious stuff, yo. It's like thin manila coloured card-stock? Light ridges printed on it, and smells amazing. Very booky.
What is the deal with this book, and why am I blogging about it?
Well, It just came out this year on April 7th, so it's super new. It's a story told completely in a series of cover letters to various employers, mostly about his brother's car crash. It's weird, and quirky, and morbid, and funny, and a lot of other things I guess.

Moving on!

The Dating epidemic, what is up with this shit? Some of it, you totally saw coming, other stuff just leaps out of a dark corner and demands your wallet. I mean, I'm happy for some people, I'm confused at others, and then there's the few that are just so... WRONG!
In the last month, 4 people I never thought would date just got a significant other. I've spotted a few more surprising relationships around school (thought, maybe not so much if I actually talked to them?). Must be the human mating season.. But the main point here is: What the hell am I doing?
Let me state here and now, that I don't think long, meaningful relationships in high school are the way to go. I am not seeking for someone I can suck face with between classes. If there is anything I don't like in life, it's commitment. I don't eat apples because they're not something you can take a bite of and then come back to it. I like people in the same way: Friends are still your friends even if you don't see/talk/etc to them for a while. But if you're dating someone, and you don't go out of your way to greet them, it's some sort of mortal sin. And to that, I say "Screw that". But that said, all these hormones in the air make me feel left out of something I might be enjoying.
Of course, I realize that all this could be solved with a simple "friends with benefits" deal. But, really, where am I going to get one of those? (I see what you are thinking, and for fuck's sake, no.) Not to mention how awkward it will be when you mention it's not a boyfriend... but not just a friend either. Girls have some kind of obsession with having commitment. And a friends with benefits arrangement is lacking in it, ergo, girls hate being friends with benefits. But really, does anyone ever want to marry the person they dated in high school? Having a huge long relationship just makes the (mainly) inevitable break up that much worse.
Call me negative, but that's just how I see it.
"Oh but Shiying, what if someone asks you out? Are you just going to give them this whole speil?"
Probably not. I mean, I might as well give it a chance. What do I have to lose, really? BUT I'm never going to be one of those irritating couples that cling to each other like they had a congenital defect of the conjoined variety.

So what am I rambling about? What is my point? That's a pretty good question actually. I guess you could tl;dr this as "Shiying is being a bitter old hag." Or... actually read it and draw your own conclusion.

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