Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh no.

I fear I am getting boring.
I am boring myself these days...
I forgot what I usually do.
What did I do on the internet for hours on end?
What did I do with my friends?
What on earth happened to my social life?

Damnit, not again...

Time to dust off my phone and maybe call some people, sooner or later.

But. But. Everything is boring. Maybe it's time to get started on the list

Now to start planning, and enlisting help. Maybe?


  1. I, too, wander aimlessly from time to time, in my head.

    It is especially bad when the FSM Forum is down. Oh, the ennui! The melancholy!

  2. Oh I know..
    What is going on with the forum?

  3. Virus or hackers, most likely. It was down for about three days a month or so ago and phpBB had a brief explanation concerning how the security was breached and what they were doing to fix it and prevent it from happening again. There hasn't been anything posted this time, yet, though.