Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Plinkspiration: Scars

Well, I should probably preface this with: I scar easily. Every cut becomes a scar, so there are lots. I'll just talk about the ones that needed stitches, and the ones with funny stories.

Well, in case you didn't notice, there is a one inch scar around my chin that's all raised and bumpy.

Fun fact about me: All the scars that needed stitches are like that. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my skin.

In any case, it happened when I was around 4 or so. I was living with my grandparents/aunt off in Shanghai, and we were visiting my great aunt and her family. So, My cousins and I were off in some room playing with a globe sitting on someone's dresser. I decided to jump on the bed to get a better look, and of course, when you put a 4 year old on a bed, she will jump. As I was jumping on the bed, I fell into the wall. Unbeknownst to me, someone had put a sheet of broken glass in the space between the bed and the wall (why? don't ask me). So, it was quite the shock when I got up and had a profusely bleeding chin. So, off I go to the hospital, which is mostly closed and sketchy as hell. Apparently, someone in my family has "connections" (again, Skeeetchy) and got me some "really good" surgeon. He sews up my chin, while I was mostly coherent, in regular thread, not that crazy dissolving stuff. This was and old school hospital.

Well, when I returned to my aunt's house, I discovered that I had quite an amusing goatee from the thread. So, when it was supposed to be healing under the bandage, I was peeling the bandage and giggling. I was mighty disappointed when I had to get it removed 2 weeks later. Fast forward a few months, I return to my parents. They've heard about the incident, but didn't expect the scar to be so.. IN YOUR FACE. And oh, it was. It was magenta for around 4 years, and then faded to a pink which stuck around for 3 or so years, and then faded to a normal tone, though still all bumpy and shit. Now a days, it looks like it's trying to leave my face quietly, which would be nice.

In addition to screwing up my chin, it left some nerve damage, which currently means I can't pull down the left side of my mouth. Before, it meany my entire face was crooked. Yes, all of it. Of course, I never noticed it much, but every single specialist I ever saw liked to point it out. I have no idea if all those visits paid off though. Years of vitamin E, weird gluey patches, creams, a suggested surgery (it seemed counter effective. If I scar weird, surgery would take me back to my crazy magenta scar) and taping aloe vera to my chin (yes, I did. But only when I was sleeping) it faded on what I presume was its own accord.

Since this has turned into a massive TL;DR, I'm going to shut up now, and do the rest some other time.

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  1. Meh, I read all of it, even though I knew most of it. Aloe vera fades*ponders*