Thursday, February 5, 2009

And you thought you were creepy.

So. There's this guy.
Not too sure who he is. And before you ask, I am not stalking out of love, but sheer curiosity.

Things we know so far:
He supports PETA (stickers on messenger bag)
Varies between good indie style clothes and the most hideous articles of clothing known to man
Male (shush you)
Should be shaving on a fairly regular basis. Had a 5 o'clock shadow, but has now grown a goatee (?!)
Is in GSA
Has a locker in the lecture hall
Hung out side of my art class in the first 2 weeks of semester one
Previously attended LP, then Mentor, and is now back
In grade 12 (we think)
Hangs with smokers + others
Goes to the ORC

And I still don't know who he is, why he was outside of my art class for 2 weeks, or why he dresses horrendously.
I am determined to find this out before the yearbook comes out.
Off to GSA! >)



  1. Do you know what would suck?
    If he read your blog and stumbled upon this post. It would be hilarious, but it would still suck.
    Are you sure he's male????

    5oclock shadow!
    I think we need to find you a real hobby. Since we now know this guy's identity and all, and I really don't know if he'd appreciate our stalkingness. Plus it DOES appear he has friends now...