Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random Act of Pirate!

So, Victoria, Jessica and I have taken up random act of pirating. Basically, we printed out the pirate (on the left) and tape it to people in a stealthy manner.

Speaking of stealthy, Kloonigames has a pirate fishing game out! If you were oh so cool, you'd have heard of Crayon Physics which was created by Kloonigames.. in a week. That's right. What does this have to do with stealth? Well, between weekly game making hiatus, he made a game about the boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark. And if anyone ever decides to download the game and play it, they'll quickly realise the awesomeness of all that is the boulder and its stealthyness. What I'm trying to say here is Kloonigames is pwn.

Oh, and here's a sneezing panda for shits and giggles.

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