Saturday, October 25, 2008

22 (ish) things to do before graduation

Take a (small) road trip
Go to a drive in movie
Get all the friends into one swimming pool (anyone volunteering their pool?)
(Edit!) Go craft bombing
Befriend a random person
Hold a stake out
Have a picnic dinner and watch the stars
Hold a subway party- Edit: We may be arrested by the transit crew, so we might have to substitute a block party instead
Hold a mustache party
Learn and successfully conduct a magic trick
Pull an actual April Fools prank
Go clubbing
Plant a tree
Go skating at city hall
Make LED floaties
Visit a long lost friend (or a far away friend)
Shop Drop
Hold a masquerade
Commit a random act of kindness
Bungee jump at Canada's Wonderland
Double date
Attend the Toronto International Film Festival

1 comment:

  1. awesome list! i may volunteer my pool (though, i would like to know how many people you're talking about here) and i can defs teach you a magic trick!