Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dear Winter

Please for the love of god, go away. I mean I know that it'll provoke all the green-obsessed, but I can put up with whining better than severe frostbite. It might not have been all that bad had it not been for the fact that my pink mittens are missing. I loved those mittens, and it saddens me to think that i can't wear them again. The lovely Alex did get me an awesome pair (pics laters) of mittens, but they're quite large and I think I'll wear them when winter really sets in. But, I digress.
Although I live in Canada, I think I am entitled to a mildly balmy winter, or at least a smooth transition. But no, Winter is like the old crotchety man of the seasons, it's incontinent and likes to meddle with the affairs of other seasons, namely fall. I have a fall jacket, I have a winter jacket. But my fall jacket isn't as thick as it could be and therefore is not very warm when it is under 5 degrees Celsius. Problem here? I don't want to wear my winter jacket just yet, and my fall jacket is unsuitable for heavy layering; unless of course I begin removing buttons.
This sudden switch between 14 degrees to snowing is very confusing and frustrating. It's impossible to gauge what to wear everyday knowing you're either going to be sweltering or frozen to the bones. What happened to the crisp autumn days I used to love? It's all gone now apparently no thanks to the humidity that likes to hang around.
I suppose what I'm trying to say to winter is: please leave my fall days alone! Fall is my favourite season, and this is not a pleasant autumn!

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