Monday, November 3, 2008

Moo Sick

Long over due blog!
Considering I just got my Limewire back, I feel that this is a pretty appropriate time to blog about none other than my favourite music.
Let's start with the beginning. Way back in 7thish grade, there was The Offspring. Of course, they are still in my top 10 bands as a permanent fixture, but I must say Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace's album art disappointed me. Seriously, when your least successful albums sell a couple million copies, I think you can afford to make something that looks less like it was done with MS paint.
But anyways. My tastes grew and evolved, I had my indie phase, my hardcore phase, my dance phase, my pop punk phase, and now it's just a mush.

So let's list my top 20 minus the Offspring (in the order I thought of):
The Matches
Street to Nowhere/Dave Smallen
Family Force 5
Cobra Starship
Breaking Benjamin
Kate Voegele
We Are The Fury
Three Days Grace

My Favorite Highway

She Wants Revenge

The Fratellis

The High Court

Either way, my tastes change now and then, and I realise I really don't have 20 TOP bands, but a bunch of bands I like. So, there you go.
I am off to the dentist!

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