Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Odyssey!

So, our history class is watching "The Odyssey" but not just any version, it's the TV miniseries from 1997!
This movie is utterly ridiculous, characters, acting, and the random sex scenes between Penelope and the sea. Like WTF?
right, So in the beginning, Odysseus's son is born.
Okay. this movie is too ridiculous to blog about. I just... CAN'T.

So, I bought Regina the (only) first season of jPod, and we ended up watching the entire first disk, consecutively. It's the best thing that has ever graced TV, with the possible exception to Pushing Daises and Dexter. House is pretty good, but not the BEST.

And if you were wondering why I did not embed the video, it's because I can't.
Either way, jPod is pwn. Like actually.

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