Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well, I am officially bored. And now, I am blogging about being bored. Does that make me boring?
Alas, I can't remember what I used to do on the internet all day before. Facebook took over and erased all my amusement ideas. Oh well.
Life is dull and irritable. I just want to grab my English teacher and tell her that her baby is ugly, and it'll grow up to be a failure. I'm tired of hearing about her damned baby! (And she's only mentioned it a few times) But also, she rambles on and on and on and on about things, but here's the thing: She never strays off topic into something actually interesting. Just the same old junk.
I've been considering going for a run for quite some time now. And I have no excuses not to. I have a treadmill in the basement, I'm just lazy. Oh and my knees kind of hurt right now. BUT LIKE THAT'LL STOP ME. -Flexes crazy muscles-
In other news: this man is trying to kill English as we know it. Does he not realise how irritating it will be to read "We ll all b duumd! DUUUUMMMMD!" I hope this never gets past the rational people. Plus, the apostrophe is not a hard concept. It shortens things. The end.
Alas, I leave the computer so my dad can install my music on to this computer (Fred)


  1. That man will be the death of English as we know it, and he's a goddamn professor. How ironic.

  2. So the stuff about ze strickelmeister pretty much makes my day.