Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to the daily grind.

School(!) is back.
I have mixed feelings about school. I like my friends, I like seeing my friends, I like catching up with my friends, heck, I even like learning at school. But on the other hand (there are another 5 fingers) I don't really like the hard work, the slaving and the carrying of a horrid backpack everywhere. But, as always I have to attend school so I can attend another school which is supposed to prepare me for the "future" whatever that is.

Otherwise, I'm still reading A Fragment of the Whole by Steve Toltz. It's good, still only a teeny tiny bit in (91? pages) Frankly, I'm surprised with myself, I usually burn through books like a fire through, well, books. But I'll take my time with this one. (plus I have plenty to keep me busy)
Speaking of books, I just saw that the worst book I've ever read got a 5/5 rating on Amazon, while the best book I've ever read (Have you ever had a 5 page short story move you to tears? Didn't think so) gets a 4/5 rating. There is no justice in the world.

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