Sunday, September 28, 2008

OMG! Free things!

What is it about people that will give them the urge to rush towards free stuff? Especially stuff you know you won't use. Case and point: This Friday, I was at the University fair, of course, there's tonnes of free stuff floating around there, but the catch is you probably have to enter your email/address/etc to receive spam (or bacn) from the schools before you can collect your free things. So, me and my dear friends stand in a crowd of high school kids furiously trying to get to the computers so they can enter fake emails and names to get a mediocre t-shirt that they'll probably never wear. Me? I decided being sweat on was not worth the t-shirt and stepped outside of the mob.

Upon leaving the fair (T-shirts in our free bags taken from Nipissing University along with the rest of our plundered goods) we realise that beside the fair was a bunch of tents set up by various companies (sony/some razor company/fruitopia) that had been giving out various free samples all day long. So, we rush in grab all the free razors and fruitopia shots that we can and leave before our bus leaves us. (Note: the razors were being handed out by men in pink fireman costumes, sadly I have no pictures)
Did I learn anything from the University Fair? Sure. Things about the specific schools and such? Not really.

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