Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Why is it that I'm the only person that still likes clowns?
Sure, It ruined clowns for most people, but if I were to follow that logic, hills should have been ruined by The Hills Have Eyes, and dusty deserted roads with rusty cars following you should have been ruined by Jeepers Creepers. Oh wait. Yes, deserted roads with aggressively driven rusty cars were always "creepy" weren't they?

Anyways, I just don't see what is so horrible about clowns. I mean, when you disregard It, and maybe John Wayne Gacy, clowns aren't evil in the least. What's one clowny serial killer amongst all the others? Clowns are just so happy! On the outside of course, on the inside they could secretly hate life, but that isn't exclusive to clowns.

Enough with this pansying about the scariness of clowns, people! Suck it up, and start hiring clowns for your birthdays. After all, I want there to be a market for when I join clown college...

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  1. HELLO! why yes, I am actually on the internet. wowzers.
    IDK, I think the thing that scares me about clowns is probably related to my fear of face paint/putting anything foreign or sticky on my face. it just...grosses me out?