Saturday, March 28, 2009

Screw You Earth Hour!

Dear Shiying: Your lights are on, it is Earth Hour. WTFBBQ IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

I don't believe in Earth Hour! Why?
Well, It might have been a good idea. Sure, it supports the earth and what not, One hour's worth of electricity for an hour adds up, but it's the people that get me. Somehow, simply turning off lights gives people some kind of moral high ground. Last year, people actually walked around and insulted people who didn't turn off their lights. This year, I got a phone call from someone saying "your lights are on." BIG. WOOP. Turning off your lights does not make you a martyr. It means you turned off the lights. And part of Earth Hour seems counter-intuitive, when people turn off the lights, they light all the damn scented candles they've accumulated over the decades. All these candles are probably belching CO2 and bee poo into the air.

So, don't get all righteous with me. I don't care if you're driving a 10^9 mpg hybrid, eating only food grown within 2.4 km of your house, and absorbing CO2 with your pet tree. And neither does the rest of the world. Go ahead and do those things, just don't expect the world to bow at your feet for it.

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  1. hey, I'm totally for the environment and all, but I didn't do Earth Hour either really. If people ACTUALLY wanted to do something for the earth, they'd be doing it already. and not bragging about it; doing it out of their own initiative. I hate people who support causes just to make themselves look better.
    so pretty much X2 to all this.