Friday, March 27, 2009

A few things on my mind.

1) The search for "true love" or your "one and only" is nearly futile, or a fraud. If there was truly a "one and only" for every single person on this planet, the chances of finding them is 1: 3.6x10^9. Those are insane odds to go against. You could win the lottery almost 300 times with those odds. Alternately, this is no "one and only" and there are globs of people just like you, or the person you think you love. Again, out of 3.6x10^9 people, there is no way they are all unique. And that is why the odds of finding someone for you is slightly better than the previous proposed situation. However, this means that they are not as special as you believe. This also explains why widow(er)s go on to marry again or why people don't travel to every single continent in the search for true love. Perhaps I am being pessimistic, but I have math on my side.

2) Capitalism is the loss of faith in people. This is more of a reverse logic thinking on my part.. Communists, as horrible and oppressive as it sounds is really just a bunch of people who believe that everyone is equally good natured and hard working with consideration for their fellow citizens. Of course, it only takes a few assholes to destroy that mindset and turn the leaders of a communist revolution into a bunch of disillusioned people in high positions of power. And we all know what happens then... But Capitalism, the economy of the free, is a free for all. Where you squeeze as much money out of your family and friends because you can. Sure, you have ideas that will potentially save the children, solve global warming, and feed all the hungry people but can you make money off of it? Capitalism just assumes the poor folk were too lazy to work anyways and lazy people are not people in a capitalist society..

3) Modern day Medusa. What the hell, Shiying, you may ask, what are you blathering about now? Well. I have this.. thing floating in my head and it says that we all have a personal Medusa that turns us into stony, cold, people. Now, what I mean is: If we have enough exposure to something, no matter how sad or horrifying, we will get desensitized. And if it happens enough, then the immediate response to anything is always "photoshop." Think about those terrible World Vision commercials with all the poor little kids. Now, think about your reaction when you see that commercial. In all probability, you are not bursting into tears at the unfairness, but rather feeling a slight twinge of guilt for not being able to help. Some where out there, there is probably a short, stocky man arguing that the parents should not have had kids if they couldn't feed them/you can't help everyone/etc. Stony cold? I think so. But then again, who can look the ugly world in the eye and not turn to stone?

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