Friday, November 14, 2008

Most. Random. Day. EVER

So, in chemistry yesterday, I got some gum on my pants. So Jen and I went to the washroom to wash it off.
Of course, that involves removal of pants. In the process of getting the gum off, we manage to completely soak the pants. I'm standing there in my underwear trying to dry them off. Of course, being a bathroom, people go in and out, and shoot weird looks at me. And I can only reply "I got gum on my pants!"

Later on, I had to bring in my 20KM/H sign into English for our presentation. (Pics of sign to come later) But after school, Jess and I went to Starbucks for some lemon poppy seed loaf+ Drinks. Of course, I'd have to take the sign with me. Now, hile walking down the street, I saw two kids, one pushing the other in what appeared to be a stolen shopping cart from Shoppers Drugmart.
later on, I walked by some dorky kids that ask me if I made or stole the sign. Of course, I had to walk with the writing sign turned away from the street to prevent anyone trying to arrest me.

In anycase, glad that's over. I'm sitting at home this weekend. FUN

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