Saturday, November 15, 2008

Is it true what they told me, America?

As that last blog was a sorry excuse of writing, I shall blab about something else.
Namely: The Epicness of all that is Dave Smallen.
Well.. Just click on the link, okay?
Everything else will resolve itself, Buddhist style.

So, the other day, I asked my mom what exactly is Buddhism, and the reply I get can be summarized as follows: Karma will get you. You just don't know when. And that includes your reincarnations too.
So, evil do-ers, be afraid. Be very afraid.
Then again, if you don't remember any of your other lives, I suppose you have no reason to worry. Since assholes don't really care about others anyway.

Oh, and if anyone is getting me a Christmas present, PLEASE make it an iTunes gift card. I'd love to buy the albums you can't find 'round these parts. Namely, so I can pay Dave Smallen for his amazing music, yes?


  1. OOO, I've actually heard that song before...but I didn't know who it was when I heard it.

    iTunes gift card eh...?

  2. PBBT get me tarot cards!
    also: give me an idea for you know, YOUR present. And no, I will NOT give you equal rights for unicorns