Monday, September 22, 2008

-BAM- You're anxious!

So, today, I had a random wave of anxiety/worry/general badness hit me as I walked down a very crowded hall at the end of school. I have no idea why, I have no problem with crowds, nothing particularly agitating had happened recently, and I don't usually get anxious. So I was standing at my bus stop looking like a loser with no friends and a frown (no one that smiles is truly anxious). I get on the bus, talk to my friend, and we reached the conclusion that something strange is going down. So I check my horoscope (yeah yeah) and I see:

Get things out of the way early. Once you have freed up your time, you can concentrate on the personal issues in your life that are stressing you out. Bring things out in the open and explain your position. 2 stars

It's clearly telling me to get my homework done, and then freak out over what may or may not be happening that I am no aware of.

I sound extra paranoid today. Maybe I am.