Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We be demotivatin'

So. Piece #1 of my 4 paintings. Demotivational!
Um... The apple and such are painted with watercolours. the black is some matting that my dad and I cut in our basement (because we are awesome) and the letters are painted in acrylic.
(Caption cred goes to Krzys :D)

"Why do the apples have eyes?"
How else could you tell they weren't horrible, horrible apples.
"Your lettering is crooked"
I'd like to see you do it better. D<
"I have less friends than these apples"

Sucks to be you?
"what are those tiny black dots?"
The souls of people ground into paint form. (Actually, my friend was splatter painting a table over, and I didn't notice it was getting on mine until I thought to my self "hey, what are those little damp droplets?")

So. Yes.
Also: Have a picture of me.

So, yes. A self portrait in acrylic (Colours are not entirely correct. I'm a little more purple. Turns out, the shade of purple I used is almost impossible to capture)

"Why purple?"
Why not?
(I think that answers just about everything)
"Are you wearing buffalo hide?" - Regina
Wha.. .... no. It's a yellow shirt. D:!

"Fun fact" the colour of the background happens to be the exact same colour as my backpack. I found out when I dropped paint on my backpack.


  1. Wow! Just… wow!

    I really wish I could paint half as well as that!

    (And you are really beautiful, but I expect you are used to people saying that to you. )

  2. Daaaaang, those apples look cunningly delicious!

    And we know you're lying - that purple is your skin colour.

  3. awesome work!
    i love the apple picture!!!!

  4. Awesome work!

  5. ;D Thanks everyone!

    And DeTH, could you really eat apples making sad faces back at you?

  6. Probably not. It'd be like eating a live lamb.

    Campaign! Put sad face stickers on all the fruit at the shops!