Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Omegle is the best thing ever!
It's like a chat room, except you don't choose who you get hooked with, and there are no names. Simply "you" and "Stranger"
Sure, it sounds like a perfect creeper site, but you also get to hold the most random conversations ever. Today, I found one person who did not like cheese, and another one that showed me that dairy isn't all that bad. I talked with one guy about beards, and to shampoo or not to shampoo. And so much more!

Of course, sure, there are total losers that are trying to find naked pictures of you/your sister/your female neighbour/any female in reach.

You get total awesome stuff like this:

You: isn't this exciting?
Stranger: hell yeah!
Stranger: its ok
Stranger: better than anything i was previously doing
You: which was?
Stranger: drinking beer and teaching myself multivariable calculus
Stranger: now im drinking beer and talking to strangers!

hehe. Now I'll get back to talking with strangers


Stranger: Andrew?
You: No
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Stranger: Tacos!
You: Are you andrew?
Stranger: No
You: oh
Stranger: I'm a Taco!
You: okay. what about tacos?
You: I see.
Stranger: what are yOu?
You: I am lettuce
Stranger: Then i want you inside of me!

You: Are you a taco too :(?
Stranger: No?
You: or alternately, andrew?
Stranger: wtf?
You: k good
Stranger: I'm Norwegian.
Stranger: I eat whale

:) Omegle is awesome


You: are you andrew?
Stranger: yeh
You: woah!
Stranger: why who's tis?
You: I don't know.. someone was looking for andrew, so I thought I'd join in
Stranger: lol kl
Stranger: u found me


  1. HAHAHA you actually found Andrew! That's like winning on some kind of freaky interactive where's waldo event.

  2. I have got to say that after reading your post I thought Omegle was the single most retarded thing ever. But after trying it, holy crap it's fun. And distracting.