Thursday, January 15, 2009


I will not google it.

In other news:
I am so. so. so. so. so. so. bored/boring.
Clothing rut. Fun, eh?

SHIT. My blog is boring. :(

So this one time, there was this toast on the ground. And all it wanted was for someone to pick up, hug it and tell it that it was awesome, and butter it. Well, maybe not butter it, because that usually leads to eating. But a hug and some warming up would be nice. Of course, no one picks up toast sitting on the ground, so it was trampled into mush by the morning commute. And then swept off the street with the street cleaners that come out at night and spray the ground with a fine morning dew. It's all a conspiracy you see: The "rain" isn't actually rain. It's just cheaper for the government to create fake rain to wash away all the crap on the streets than it is for them to hire a bunch of street cleaners to wash the sidewalks. Of course, some are hired, but they only work at 4AM. Because no one is ever up at 4. It's like the nerdy kid in the corner of the entire day. There's always someone up before and after, but at 4, everyone is asleep. Except for the street cleaners of course.

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