Monday, January 5, 2009

Lack of Blogspiration leads to...

If you had say.. relatively warm water on the bottom of the thermometer, and you stuck the top part into the snow (or stuck snow on the top part I guess) What would happen to the stuff inside?
I mean...
Would it form some kind of wormhole, where temperatures collide, cancel each other out, and create a void in the universe due to lack of temperature?
I mean.. Everything has a temperature. So if they canceled each other out, it would create an impossible loophole in all that is what it is, and a time traveling wormhole would open, allowing you to return to the 90's, steal all of Apple's ideas, and become rich. (Conversely, you could also go back and warn people about impending disasters that you've already know about, but no one's gonna believe you anyway, right?)

Or some much, much more boring answer.


  1. dude I'm fresh out of anything to write about too. Even strange british customs have lost their appeal! :(