Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's a posting Rampage!

Today is the (unofficial) last day of school!
Mostly because no one goes on the actual last day anyways. It's just school custom.
So, today, I send out les presents.
My sack of wonders included:
-Gonorrhea (The microbe plushie, not the STD)
-Rabies (yet to be given)
-A scarf
-A CD+ gift receipt as I suspected (correctly) that she already had the CD
-A White Blood cell (Also the plushie, gone to Jess)
-A stack of pandas
-A box of Toblerone for everyone else.

Received to come later. Maybe.

In anycase My ex-neighbour is visiting from England, and will be coming skiing with me and Ray for the next 4 days.
AS MUCH AS I ENJOY HER COMPANY She drives me insane.
Monopoly: Gloats about how she has no curb to her spending and therefore owns my ass at it, and only plays monopoly to own my ass at it.
Yesterday: Threw stale marshmallows at my head, and apparently, and I am the "host" and she is like, twelve, I don't have the right to kick her ass for doing it. If this continues, I WILL kick her ass, and probably shove some snow down there while I'm at it. >(
Oh, and since she (finally) hit puberty/had a growth spurt, she is like 2 inches taller than me and she like to hold that over my head too (pun not intended). Of course, if anyone paid any attention to genetics, it'd be pretty obvious that she'll be taller than me.
Case and point?
I am going to kill someone if she does not become a better person soon.

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  1. And I thought you two were friends...

    You clearly have issues with shoving things up people's bums. But meh, if they deserve it... :P