Monday, December 15, 2008

Do the Hellen Keller

...And talk with your hips.

S'been a long time since the last blog.
Lets see...
-Went to Drop Everything's show, met some people, had fun
-Went Christmas shopping but cannot post pictures quite yet
-Bought new snow pants and snowboard boots, and will look bitchin' on the hills.
-Went to a (very sad) party
-Finished my English ILU in clown makeup
-Terrified people with my clown make up

All in all, a pretty fun few weeks. Now I am plotting for an awesome winter break, perhaps.

I've decided, I want to learn Esperanto it's only the coolest language ever. Conceived as an international language, it never really got THAT big, but there are a few hundred native speakers. That's pretty good for a made up language.
I plan to learn Esperanto through the miracle that is the INTERNET!

* Jizz in my pants is amazing. Really, good music AND crazy humour. Plus the fact that it has like 8 million views in a week.

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