Sunday, November 23, 2008

So I realised how many of my posts start with a "so..."

It is cold.
And I have baked some Tiny pies!
I made some tiny dough, and some tiny apples that I peeled with a tiny knife. Then I used tiny sugar and tiny cinnamon in a tiny oven to bake them. TINY.
I'm just kidding. They're apple pies, in cupcake size. Portable Pie!

Polyester: Just another synthetic fabric? Or is it harvested from the depths of the ocean by shady fabric companies?
Fact: Polyesters are tiny organisms that live at the bottom of the sea near the sulfur volcanoes. They feed on the heat and naturally weave themselves together to prevent being separated and hunted by other fabrics, like Lycra. A polyester floating around by its self is easy prey for the larger weaves, and it's soon absorbed by another polyester weave, if it's lucky, or it's devoured and weaved into some Lycra pants. Life as a polyester is not easy, from birth, it is in constant danger. Pubescent polyesters leave their weaves to find new communities to settle down and raise a family in. But, they are hunted by the already mentioned Lycra, not to mention the elusive Satin, and worst of all, the clothing companies. The young polyester is hunted in its youth when it is large enough to survive on its own, and away from any other pesky weaves before it turns too rigid for wear. The Polyesters are pulled out of the sea by deep-sea trawlers that hunt for polyester with static. After it is harvested it is forced into an unnatural weave and sown into fabrics. If it is not soaked in time, it will being to smell of decay ("that new clothes smell") and it won't be able to be revived if the season passes, where upon only bargain hunters who know the secret to polyester revival will be able to save them.

So, next time you buy polyester, make sure it is from sustainable polyester harvesting methods.


  1. I believed your polyester story up until the point where you said "A polyester floating around by its self is easy prey for the larger weaves".


    And I don't really know what I want for Christmas... *ponders*

  2. I thought the Lycra hunter would have tipped you off.