Friday, September 5, 2008


Well, welcome to my first post on this blog.
I am Shiying, I am me. As you can see, I'm Asian. And Female. And Teenaged. But don't worry, I don't like the Twilight series, and I am not filled with angst. And instead of rambling on about myself like a narcissistic maniac, I will fill out a quiz given to us by our english teacher. Ready? OKAY!

A colour you like to wear: Blue

pet: Nurble, The newt

A taste that makes you melt: Er... Dulche du Leche ice cream!

A hobby that occupies your time: Web comics, The internet, knowing random stuff.

A country you'd like to explore: Madagascar!

Favorite sound: I... don't know... Wind Chimes

A favorite meal: People! (I kid, I kid)

A favorite board game: Clue

Magazine you read most frequently: I don't... But If I did, it would be something bizzare.

Singer or band to which you currently prefer to listen: Er, too many. Current Faves include: The Matches, Ludo, and of course, The Offspring.

The film you could watch over and over: Forrest Gump. It's classic!

Film most recently seen: Monsters Inc.

Book you are presently reading (excluding school material): Fragments of a Whole. I recommend it. It's AMAZING (more on this some other time)

A tv show you watch regularly: House, Futurama

An actor/actress whose performances you admire: Cristian Bale?

Favorite day of the week: Gnorblengovenday

Your favorite time of day: 11:08

A piece of clothing you love to wear: Pirate Costumes!

Your cologne or perfume: Depends.

Under your bed you hide.....hideous monsters

If you could afford to buy it at this moment, you would buy: Horses! Lots of them. For eating. (Is she joking?)

Your strangest possession: The heads of my enemies

Your most prized possession: My... Fred.

I think this is mostly it for now.
This is a blog, much like the others you've seen. Random musings/observations/ranting about my day/raving about my day/blithering/and all that other jazz.
And now, you can continue your life as you know it. Except, now you know there's my blog out there, where I can regurgitate ideas onto the internets. Or create ideas. But that's just how it goes. Just try and stop me. >:)

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